The RTL guy in a Mozilla work week in Portland, OR, USA #mozlandia

09. December 2014 Mozilla 1




Busy week it was, from December 1nd to 6th; been in the Mozilla coincidental work week which was a gathering for all the teams within Mozilla to work in person, meet and plan for the next year AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN.

Initially I was invited by the CBT (Community Building Team) but due to the nature of my contributions which were around Firefox OS. I also had the chance to sit down and work a little with other awesome people and teams such as QA, UX and L10n.

Long story short: I was with the brightest and greatest minds in the world, altogether in one city, Portland in Oregon. And oh boy it was a very precious week where every moment was made out of golden! The kind of moments you want to freeze because you just can’t stop smiling out of happiness! I’m very proud  of being with such great awesome men and women, it just felt like family (even though I haven’t had the chance to say it out loud). Was very emotionally happy that I met all these awesome people I always only knew through twitter, facebook, bugzilla and email and also got to know and meet new people from the awesomeness circle aka Mozilla.

But personally, I never knew I was doing a good job until I saw the expressions on everyone’s face when I tell them I’m that RTL guy :)))

I know if I start writing names to thank personally I’m never gonna stop but really thank you Stephany, Delphine, Marcia, Zibi, Arky, Larissa, Ioana, Pascal, Alexandre, Picolini, Flod, Axel, Etienne and LITERALLY everyone!!! I hope to see you all soon. :))


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    Arky on December 9, 2014 Reply

    Was good to meet you in real life Habibi!

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