Graduation and stuff

16. December 2014 Mozilla, mozilla-reps 0

So finally my studies path is almost crossing another milestone, graduating from Higher Institute of Technological Studies, in which I study Computer Science; to be exact Web Development. This is the part after which I start thinking about my job, carrier path and so on (or just study more, dunno what future has in store for me), I know, I look too young huh.. Yeah I’m kinda waiting for the day I don’t look like I’m 12 years old anymore. Anyway, I just gotta say to my Mozilla friends, colleagues and mentors and anyone who might need me or need a little of my help that I’m not gonna be available all the time for the coming month, at least to mid/end January 2015, sorry for the inconvenience.
I will do my very best to be there whenever my contributions are needed, but I’ll be less active (and you probably have noticed that already). So, wish me luck :))

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