Why Right-To-Left is even more important for feature phones

18. September 2015 Mozilla, mozilla-reps 0

It’s publicly knowledgeable right now that at Mozilla we’re working on allowing even people with no little to no technical knowledge to have access to the Internet’s content through making what we call Smart Feature Phones that work with Firefox OS, those flip flop phones and ones with possibly no touch screens, added to them smart features that are still suitable for the audience and the users of such devices.

Although I’d like to make the point of telling how important Right-To-Left support would be to such devices.
In a previous article that I wrote, I mentioned that feature phones in their era were perfectly RTL’ed.
And the reason for that is, your audience is *mostly* people between 50 and 70 years old, and if you’re launching such devices for such an audience, you have to understand that people in that age around the world not only lack the technical expertise (which is why in the first place they went looking for something simple to call their daughter with) but also, they do not necessarily speak anything other than their native language.
So giving a device with a language they most likely don’t speak neither can read or a device with half-arsed UI in their native language is the same as giving you a phone with hieroglyphs (unless you can read that), except that even in that case you would still be able to navigate through your device because you can still make sense of the icons in it. You get the point.

And let’s face it, in such a delicate situation, if you’re launching your devices in the MENA region, you gotta pay as much attention to the UI as you do to the language itself, and I’m talking RTL, there is no doubt it would support Arabic, but then Arabic in a broken UI will scare the whole audience away.

It is hard to describe how delicate such a situation could be, but fortunately if you give 10 minutes of your time to watching this video, you will understand more why meeting the specifics of the audience’s needs is the most important part of the whole thing.

Happy watching



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