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01. December 2016 IoT, Silk, The Web 0

At Silk, we are passionate about building software that enables IoT devices to solve real, everyday problems for people. One step at a time, our small yet diverse team is actively reaching new milestones — and I’d like to share one of our latest updates with you today!

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Silk is an IoT platform that uses JavaScript at its core. As Silk’s Technical Evangelist who is also active in the Mozilla community, I have been thinking about who could benefit most from having JavaScript in the connected devices field. It didn’t take long for me to think of Firefox OS, and its large community of JavaScript enthusiasts and volunteers that helped shape it — all for the sake of helping protect the web and its future. Although Firefox OS is sadly no longer, its large community of web protectors is still very much alive.

Silk officially supports the Sony Z3C

As a company whose members founded and worked on Firefox OS, Silk strives to operate on similar principles as when we helped bring Boot2Gecko to life. I am therefore very happy to announce that Silk, the IoT platform and connected devices platform that runs on JavaScript, is now available for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, or better known as the Z3C.

The Z3C is a special device for many reasons, one of them being that Sony is actively encouraging developers to try and take advantage of all the technological aspects (like sensors) that their device has. Starting today, if you have a Z3C device that used to run Firefox OS, you can download the Silk operating system and flash it on the smartphone. With that simple step you’ll have your own, maintained IoT OS that empowers the development of Internet Of Things applications — all using only JavaScript!

More about Silk

Now that Silk is available on a range of devices, like the Nexus line (4, 5, and 6) and most recently the Sony Xperia Z3C, I would like to take a moment to better define our platform for those who may be new to it:

Silk is a free (as in free beer) firmware for a number of smartphones based on the open-source Android operating system (with a nodejs layer on top of it), that makes it possible to write programs and get access to hardware aspects using only JavaScript. We offer a wide range of APIs that makes developing for IoT using web technologies a reality. Continue reading on our Github page!

When we started building Silk over a year ago, we wanted to pay special attention to the platform’s security, and we continue to make security a priority to this day. As we monitor what hackers have been able to do with insecure IoT platforms, we tighten our own system in order to ensure that those threats are not reproducible with Silk. We’ve designed security into all Silk communication channels, enabling secure and private data and video streams.

If you own a Z3C or any of the other devices we support, I invite you to give Silk a shot: write a few lines of JavaScript, see how it interacts with your device’s sensors, and let me know what do you think.

Get started with Silk:

Download Silk for Sony Z3C: Silk Downloads

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