Who is Ahmed

Hi, my name is Ahmed Nefzaoui, young, independent Front-End web developer, born in 1993 and based in Tunisia. My direct skills are HTML5, vanilla JavaScript and CSS3. I have been self-learning those technologies since around 2007.

Hobby became a study field when I took the CS path at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies and graduated from it.

And from 2012 until early 2016 I have been hacking on Firefox OS User Interface (which uses cutting-edge web technologies) and that is how I ironed and improved my skills.

During that time I have been contracted by a couple of companies including Karizma, Phoxygen and Mozilla.


  • I developed WordPress themes — and added RTL support to others at Karizma.
  • Added RTL support for Firefox OS 2.0 with an awesome team from Phoxygen, then shipped it to Orange so it can launch devices in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Wrote articles and was consulted regarding RTL support as well at Mozilla

Top articles:

The rest are in this website.


But since this is just me introducing myself and not giving out a C.V., the detailed resumé is on Linked: linkedin.com/in/nefzaoui